Do I Have To Blog?

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Blogging is a wonderful tool that your organisation must be using to involve with your prospects as well as existing customers, however so many business do not blog.  There are also many blogging platforms to choose from besides your own website.


We have had guest bloggers also provide input from their own free blogs based on the Medium platform:

I must admit I likewise discover it tough to blog site due to the fact that running a service leaves you with hardly no leisure time, yet I do I try to blog a minimum of a couple of times per month. If you’re interested on why you must be blogging for your business after that keep on reading. Below are 15 reasons that your service requires a blog.

1. Your blog site allows you to share timely and relevant information with your consumers and also prospective customers. Your blog site is your direct communication channel. You perhaps using social media to connect with your customers, yet not everyone utilizes Twitter or Facebook, yet any person could check out a blog site.

2. Google enjoys companies that blog, Google remain in the material business and by blogging you are offering Google and the other online search engine with useful web content as well as by doing so they will reward you with pertinent visitors/customers.

3. If your existing site doesn’t have a blog after that you don’t need a new site, you can use an existing blog platform like WordPress or blog writer. I would recommend your internet site and also blog site being on the same domain for you to get the very best outcomes out of SEO, but having a blog on a separate domain name is far better than not having one at all.

4. According to a survey accomplished by HubSpot, 60% of companies get more service by blogging than those who do not.

5. Your blog site offers your organisation a personality and also aids you stick out from the group. Your blog will certainly allow your prospective clients to find out more concerning you.

6. If you wish to place yourself as a market leader after that you need to get your voice and also your viewpoints out there, otherwise no one will understand about your competence.

7. A blog enables your clients to interact with you as well as your company. Blog sites are implied to encourage communication, so if you do blog ensure to reply to all comments, this also puts on social media incidentally.

8. Blogging can be fun, it takes you away from some parts of your service that you may not take pleasure in as well as could offer you something to eagerly anticipate.

9. Blog writing maintains you on your toes. Anyone who has blogged recognizes that it can be very easy for a few weeks, but after a while you will should create fresh web content that your customers will certainly appreciate and find helpful, this can be hard!

10. With a great material technique blogging can keep you focused. By sticking to a timetable you are offering your organisation the treatment it deserves online.

11. A blog builds self-confidence. A site without a blog may look vacant as well as neglected, a company that blog sites however is considereded as a reliable source for info in your industry.

12. Blogging makes you assume much more regarding your business compared to anything else. By blogging you have to regularly assume who you are creating for and also just what are you attempting to accomplish. A blog without emphasis will certainly attract no customers.

13. Blog writing assists develop a brand name. A blog allows you to tell your business’s story, why you stay in business and also enables you to inform your customers just how you could help them.

14. Blog sites are budget-friendly. Every article that you release might not have an immediate impact on your service, yet you need to think about a blog site as a long-lasting approach. Building a blog will permit your organisation to produce content that could be shared all around the internet, allowing your business to get to locations you assumed were not possible.

15. Blogging produces complimentary Public Relations. Come to be a well-known blog owner in your market as well as you will be offering interviews prior to you understand it.


What ought to I blog about is a truly usual concern when people initially start blogging or when writers obstruct sets in. As well as to be straightforward there is no single answer right here as every blog is various.

If you wanted to oversimplify the answer we might say you could blog concerning anything!

Nonetheless there is a catch to this, due to the fact that if you cover anything you may come under a trap of either drawing in no site visitors or even worse yet shed your existing visitors by blogging about something disengaging or unimportant. This will lead to a very unsuccessful blog and you will find yourself squandering your time developing as well as sending your post.

5 Tips For Blogging

Nevertheless fear not, by following these 5 easy suggestions you will be able to ensure that you have plenty of wonderful material to develop top quality blog posts and also you will be establishing your blog for success!

Pointer # 1: Identify The Purpose of Your Blog

The most effective way to respond to the inquiry of what should I blog around is to really take a go back as well as uncover just what you trying to accomplish, ultimately – What is the function your blog site?

Why do you want to blog site in the first place? There should be a function or style of your blog. What is it that you are giving your readers with? When you can answer this concern you will have a much better base for your post.

The method is to maintain most of your blog posts appropriate to your purpose of your blog. By doing this your readers will certainly end up being accustomed to exactly what your blog site has to do with as well as they will certainly know what to expect each time they come back. This way your blog will correspond and your will certainly be considereded as a reliable blogger.

Idea # 2: Identify Who Your Audience Are

The following point you need to do is comprehend who your target audience will certainly be. That will find your blog’s function or style interesting? These individuals are your target audience for your blog site and also you should customize your blog posts as well as total blog material for these people.

This action is very important as it will figure out the language, tone as well as framework of your posts.

For instance if your target audience are young adults after that you would not utilize challenging language that would call for a thesaurus to understand as young adults will certainly not connect to this as well as will certainly leave your blog site half method via reading your messages (if they even make it that much!).

As soon as you know who your target market is it will certainly be much easier to tailor your writing style to fit them as well as be attractive to them. As an example, content composed for 40-65 years of age anglers will certainly not be really involving to 18-26 years of age celebration goers.

Idea # 3: Provide Value.

Your article needs to have worth.

In the end – exactly what remains in it for your readers to come to your website and also review your articles? You should provide them with some type of worth. It could be education, home entertainment, giveaways or some web content that they can not locate somewhere else. If you are providing details that can be found in other places after that just what value can you offer that others are not supplying?

Each audience will certainly discover worth in various things so you have to recognize your target market to understand just what is of value to them then offer it!

Tip # 4: Make it Interactive and also Engaging.

One of the most effective blog sites are interactive and also appealing. Readers are encouraged to leave comments as well as various other viewers may respond to these remarks producing an interactive setting.

Engaging blogs will not just encourage visitors to find back yet will additionally make sure that they welcome their buddies to look into the blog site to. This is wonderful – social sharing of your article can make them go viral and also make your viewers matter rise promptly. As long as you are providing them with a reason to come back related to the purpose of your blog then you will find success.

Tip # 5: Be Yourself.

Your readers want to know you! This will separate you from other blogs in your industry and niche and will show your personality.

Earlier we stated that you should keep your blog posts majorly related to your purpose of theme. However it is OK, and even encouraged to write personal blog posts too so your readers see the real you. If they can relate to you as a person they are more likely to come back to see your next post.

However you don’t want to overdo it with the personal posts. You can be yourself in all of your posts but still keep to the theme or purpose of your post. Use humour or other personal experiences to achieve this.

So that is it!

Follow these 5 simple tips to create a truly engaging blog. If done successfully (which is pretty straightforward) your readers will be left in anticipation for the next blog post. You will have them hooked!

Now get out there and get some inspiration! Have a search online for some similar blogs, articles and any other content that is related to your blog’s purpose and audience. Learn how others write for your audience in your industry or niche and see how they are creating the content that you desire.


Hopefully from the list above you can see that blogging is a great tool for your business. I completely understand why some businesses don’t blog because being a small business owner myself my time is eaten up by everything else. But the benefits your business could receive from blogging are worth the time and effort to do so.

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