Legal Rights of Reputation Damage

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As lawyers, we do not typically get requested to deal with a bad review posted on the internet about a person or company.  Most negative reviews never really get seen or have an effect on a person or business reputation.  However, when someone gets slammed by a company like Ripoff Report, it can be devastating.

Ripoff Report has been able to skate around defamation and slander laws because they have made it almost impossible for the average business to take them on.

Recently, a company has decided to make a concerted effort to turn the tide on Ripoff Report’s ability to destroy individuals and businesses that get very negative reviews posted about them on their powerful website.  Ripoff Report has enough Domain Authority to get their negative reviews on the first page of Google for even the smallest businesses in their market.  A Ripoff Report showing up on the first page of Google can destroy a company because of the value consumers put on online reviews these days.


JAS Marketing wants to help individuals and companies unfairly hit by Ripoff Report listings.  They are currently running a campaign for Dr. Viseh Sundberg and her dental clinic Sundberg Center for Dentistry.  Their strategy is to simply replace the Ripoff Report with more web results for Dr. Sundberg and Sunderg Center for Dentistry.  These include YouTube videos and boosting the already positive results for Dr. Sundberg and Sundber Center for Dentistry:

And boosting sites like

It will be interesting how this turns out.  We will keep you posted…

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