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Joe Sturtevant

Hello, my name is Joe and I am a serial entrepreneur.  I have started and sold several businesses and patents in my career but now I focus most of my business efforts on internet marketing.

Even though I have only been working in the make money online niche for less than 5 years, I have developed an expertise in monetizing affiliate marketing programs.  Trust me, I have tried just about every possible way to make money online!

There are millions of products, courses, and “gurus” online that have the next “shiny object” that will make you tons of money so you can live the dream.  I have gotten myself caught up into this trap hundreds of times!

But making money from home on the internet doesn’t have to be a wild goose chase.  It can get overwhelming if you let it.  However, there are good strategies that work and are not that difficult to do.  But remember, there are no get quick rich systems.  You have to put in the work to produce profits from your computer.

If you join my site, I will help you wade through the various methods, products, and trends to save you time and money.  And help you MAKE MONEY!

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