Digital Technology Changes Land Surveying Business

Make Data Available Across Geographic Locations

Today’s construction job work is more distributed than ever before. Keeping everybody on the exact same page– whether they’re in the main office or out on the job website– is a key consider guaranteeing the job goes according to strategy.

Expert Land Surveying Meet Digital Marketers

As survey document files become more information extensive, and thus bigger, sending them from person to person becomes time ineffective and consuming. With cloud data storage, users can merely pull the latest copy of a document from a central place. The cloud server can be accessed using any device. This includes mobile phones, so any employee in the field will have the same capability to access the documents they need as their equivalents back at the office.

Easily Share Data With Customers

At the end of the day, the land survey business’s entire reason for collecting information is to make it readily available for consumers to use, and cloud data storage platforms like Landpoint’s True Atlas assists in this regard too. Oregon Land Surveyors that take advantage of cloud data storage can offer an included level of value for their consumers.

Instead of just dumping the processed data into their client’s lap and then leaving them to figure out how to keep, handle and apply it, a cloud-enabled land surveyor can save the data themselves, offering their customers with one less thing to worry about. In addition, the cloud can provide security and access control, ensuring that the right people– and only the right people– have access to the data when and where they require it.

Final Thoughts

Cloud innovation is making it simpler than ever for land survey companies to handle information. In an age that’s increasingly specified by data development, should not you work with a land surveying partner that’s geared up to deal with that development with the most recent innovation? Contact Landpoint today to find out more about our ingenious method to cloud data management.

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