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TrafficZion Review Update

TrafficZion claims to provide your traffic but then all it does is basically post on your social media and it’s still dependent on your social media following to actually get traffic from it with this software it does go out and find you fresh traffic that wouldn’t otherwise be a follower of yours or otherwise come to your website through another way because it’s gonna go out and find other websites and then basically connect you with those website during this review I’ll show you in more detail what exactly I mean by that now I’m also gonna go through the sales page have a look at the claims being made here to see if this software lives up to those claims and of course I have put together a package of custom and exclusive bonuses that you’ll be able to get when you pick up traffic Zion through the link in the description below this video that link is gonna take you to this page on my website and over here you can have a little bit more information about traffic Zion and I will also cover all of the different upsells and their pricing points but first let’s have a look at these bonuses and how they’re gonna help you make the most out of traffic Zion these bonuses are exclusive to me meaning they’re not going to be available anywhere else other affiliates will not be able to offer you these bonuses and they’re not made from PLR but from my own knowledge and experience so let’s have a look bonus number 1 how to create a website now if you don’t have a website yet or you don’t have a wordpress website yet because for this to work you do need a website on work press it could be either wordpress.com or wordpress.org both will work but you do need a wordpress website so if you don’t have one yet in this bonus I show you step-by-step how to set one up from scratch the right way then a bonus number two is all about creating high converting landing pages now if you want to monetize the traffic that’s gonna come to your website from traffic Sion you need to go and start building email list from your followers or your website visitors now in this bonus I show you how to create high converting landing pages which is the best way to capture people’s email addresses so I show you exactly which offer I use how to get it for really really free sorry for really really cheap almost for free compared to the original price of the software so the price of the software is normally $67 I believe and I show you a trick in this bonus how to get it for just $5 so that is a bonus number 2 then bonus number 3 how to write killer headlines now if you’re going to start capturing people’s email addresses you need to be able to convert your website visitors into email subscribers of course the best way to do that is with a really catchy headline now you could go out and learn copywriting completely from scratch to become a copywriter yourself and write really great headlines but that’s going to take a long time and a lot of money the other alternative is to just go to the best copywriters in the world find their headlines and then model your own headlines based on those this is exactly what I do and in this bonus I show you how you can do the exact same thing bonus number 4 is my email marketing fundamentals course now that you started gathering email subscribers from your website visitors that you’re getting through traffic Xion of course you’re gonna want to do email marketing the right way you want to use the right software setup your email broadcasts and follow-ups the right way in this bonus I show you exactly how to do all of that how to connect the right software to your website to start capturing people’s email addresses which software I recommend and why I recommend that software but then also what to actually write in your emails to your subscribers to turn subscribers into customers for your business whether it is your own business or an a marketing business where you are selling other people’s products both of these will require you to do email marketing the right way and in this bonus I show you how to do just that bonus number five is all about picking a good niche for your business so traffic xylem is one of the things I really love about it is that it’s gonna work in basically any niche now in this bonus I show you which nieces I recommend for your internet based business because not all issues are going to result into a profitable business some issues they’re too obscure too small there’s not enough buyers in these niches some niches are actually amazing they work really well now in this bonus I show you exactly what those leashes are that work really well how to pick the right one for you and yeah and how to make that work for your business basically now in addition to all of my bonuses I’m also going to give you access to the bonuses the vendor provided me with to give to you now I’m assuming other affiliates are just going to give you these bonuses but I don’t want you to miss out on them because you decide my bonuses are so much better than anyone elses so that is why in addition to my own bonuses I’m going to give you all of the vendor provided bonuses as well so let’s have a look at what those are I’m not going to describe them in detail if you want to read the details about them just pause the video and read along with me so there’s a bonus library then there is a link supercharger software the best WordPress SEO beginners book SEO and ranking tracking tactics landing pages 101 viral secrets exposed better SEO in less than a month creating your first startup high profit blog secrets look down your WordPress website now so those ten bonuses are also going to be included as well as my own when you pick up traffic Sion through the link below this video that link is going to take you to this page on my website when you click on any of these green buttons and those will take you to the sales page for traffic zile and then when you’ve made your purchase through that sales page you will get those bonuses now to get those bonuses what you need to do is send me an email with your receipt from clickbank so normally I would say this is automatically delivered in word plus or jvzoo but this product is actually sold through Clickbank which is a little different than what you might be used to so what happens is after your purchase has been confirmed you’re going to get an email with a purchase confirmation just for that email to me bonus at Liberty to travel comb and then I will go and send you those bonuses now if you purchase any of the upgrades available to traffic scion and one extra special bonus waiting for you as well so that is affiliation on my full affiliate marketing course now in this course I show everything I know about affiliate marketing how to set up an affiliate marketing business the right way step by step including how to set up your website how to drive targeted traffic how to get sales how to pick the right products how to get your links approved all the time and much much more so that is only available when you purchase any of the upgrades available to traffic Scion now there’s going to be three upgrades available and I will cover exactly what they are later during this review but first let’s have a look at the software and how it works now one thing I have to note is that the software that I got access to to demo to you how it works is not the software that you’re going to get when you purchase traffic Scion right now during the launch week because you’re going to get a special deal what it is is that traffic Scion has both a windows-based software and a cloud-based software now right here on my screen you’re seeing the cloud-based software this means software that runs in your internet browser what you’re going to get when you purchase traffic Scion during the launch week which is only from the 4th of February until next week so that would be the 11th the ID 11th of February you’re going to get the Windows version now the downside is it’s a Windows version you have to install it on your computer and run it on your computer the upside is you’re going to pay a one-time fee for lifetime access to this software whereas with the cloud-based version that you’re seeing on my screen right now you will have to pay a monthly fee so you’re going to be able to get the exact same functionality it does the exact same thing to drive traffic to your website to get traffic basically to to your website but also to your articles as you can see here we have a section where you can add different articles on your website you can choose which ones you want to have promote all of these different sections in the software are also available in the Windows version so it’s the exact same software the only difference is it’s going to run on your computer instead of running in your browser but if you do want this cloud-based software you do get the option to upgrade to it after your initial purchase after the launch is over then it will be forty seven dollars per month instead of the one-time price of forty seven dollars for the Windows version that’s gonna give you lifetime access so I had to make that disclaimer at the start of this review because everything I’m going to show you from now on is going to be in the cloud based software because that’s the only one I got access to but it’s going to have the same functionality in the Windows version when you do make your purchase it’s just gonna look a little bit differently now if you want to see a full demo of the Windows version Dmitry’s the creator of this software has actually created a demo video and I’ve included it on my website when you click on the link below this video and you could scroll down all the way to the bottom of the page just be just above the last green button there’s this video and that video is Dimitri showing you the windows-based version of traffic Zion so if you want to see how that works basically how it’s different from the cloud-based version you can check that out now he is personally also running it on a Mac computer because there is actually training included inside the traffic Zion members area on how to set up this Windows software on a Mac so that is a possibility it just requires a little bit of a technical setup to get this working on a Mac so if you don’t have a Windows computer you’re running a Mac it is possible as well as you can see from the mitrice’s own demo as he is running this on a Mac himself anyway so let’s have a look inside the software and the different features so what you do first of all you get you’re gonna add your wordpress.com account to traffic silence so whether you have a wordpress.com or wordpress.org website doesn’t matter because you can create a wordpress.com account for both of those so I’ve created my wordpress.com account for my website Liberty to travel calm and then I have connected that wordpress.com account to my WordPress website which is not a wordpress.com and wordpress.org website and and now I’ve set it up inside traffic sign all you need to do is just click on the Add Account you go and give it a name then it’s gonna ask you to log in to wordpress.com select your website and then you’re gonna add it that’s all you need to do then the next thing you can do is go and at different tags inside the software so these are tags that other websites are gonna are gonna have as their tags on wordpress.com now when you go to wordpress.com and you do a search for websites you can search by tags and then these websites are going to be the websites that this software is going to like and follow on wordpress.com and because those people who have a web sites in those niches when those tags are going to be interested in your website as well because of course you’re in the same niche so they’re gonna see that you liked and followed their website they’re gonna want to like and follow your website but before they do of course they’re gonna check out if they actually do like and follow your website so this is a visitor to your website right now and this is exactly how traffic Zion works it’s gonna go out there it’s gonna go like and follow these different websites on wordpress.com and then they’re gonna come back and like and follow your website in return and this basically creates basically just unlimited targeted traffic to your website now all you need to do to get that is to add different tags to the software by clicking on tags right here and then just typing in different tags now the Windows version actually has a finder of tags so this is one thing that’s not yet in the cloud version right now the cloud version is a beta version it’s not fully functional yet but the Windows version does have this where you just type one tag for example I would type affiliate marketing and then it’s gonna give you a large list of tags as suggested text ad as well whereas I had to manually add these tags so I added affiliate marketing internet marketing online marketing make money online work from home digital gnome and so these are six different tags that are relevant to the content of my website as an affiliate marketer but they might not be what you’re looking for if you’re in the diet niche and you would add like diet Paleo diet vegan diet etc it’s just different diets or if you’re in the exercise needs you would like exercise for weight loss exercise for muscle gain exercise for man exercise for women etc you just add different tags that are relevant to the content of your website and then it’s gonna go find other websites with those same tags like them follow them and and they’re going to come back like and follow your website and then you have a website visitor that is how traffic silent works now all of this is going to happen automatically in the background and you don’t have to do anything except for this initial setup now in addition to that using the tag method to get from website website visitors you can also add your articles to the traffic Xylon software what you need to do is go to tribe click over there and then go and type in your domain and click on search it’s gonna find all the different wordpress posts on your blog and then you can add them and then it’s going to promote those articles inside at that same wordpress.com platform it’s going to promote those articles for others to like and follow as the as the articles on your website so you can see the first five or four I already selected as articles all you need to do is have your domain click search it’s going to show up and show you all the different articles on your website you just click on these plus signs and that’s going to add them to the queue to be liked and followed by other users of the wordpress.com platform so that is it that is exactly what traffic’s islandboss it’s super simple to set up as you could see and it just works in the background you don’t have to do anything now with the Windows version of course you’re gonna have to keep your computer running and open with the software running if you want to get this working for you with the cloud-based version that’s one of the advantages you don’t have to do that you can just leave it running you can just close this browser window right now and it’s still gonna run in the background because it’s running on the server’s of Dimitri’s who created this platform now if you do want to run the Windows version in the background have it running for you 24/7 there is actually a way to do that using a VPS so there are ways to make the Windows version also basically cloud based by running it 24/7 so if you do want to do that if you purchased traffic Sion through my link below the video and you want me to teach you how to do that just drop me an email and I will show you exactly how to do that as well so that is a traffic sign on the front end software now let’s have a look at the sales page before I go and describe the different upgrade options available so get 100% real targeted traffic to your websites blogs and e-commerce stores with just a few clicks what’s your website grow with free follows an engagement every day every month scroll down to see real results from hundreds of already existing customers so the thing is this is traffic silent version two so there was the traffic silent version one released just over a year ago and there have been hundreds and hundreds of website owners who have already driven website visitors to your website for over a year so this software comes with real customer testimonials so rather than just just being claims there are customers that have been using this and that have been getting hundreds and hundreds of visitors a month with this software so you can see right here this is from Chris Malloy who’s actually a big affiliate marketer who’s saying that I have bought and tried dozens of autopilot or set-and-forget traffic generation software none of them did what they said they were going to do none of them ever sent much traffic I never thought I would see it happen a traffic software that actually does work but the meatrix the apothem made a believer out of me traffic zion just plain works it may be the one and only set-and-forget traffic software that actually sends you real targeted traffic on autopilot so you can see that this is a real testimonial from a customer who is in a Philly market or an internet marketer himself for over ten years he’s saying I tried all these different software’s and you might have seen many of them as well they just promise you to give you as I said free traffic on demand autopilot but then all they do is just did just post stuff to your social media but then if you don’t have followers there they’re not actually going to get any traffic for you so this software does do that because it posts to wordpress.com where real people are really looking for targeted websites so they’re going to see your website so you can see a ton more testimonials over here from a lot of different people if you want to check those out click on the link in the description below this video and then on any of the green buttons on this page you can check out all these testimonials on the sales page from all these satisfied customers as well as the rest of the sales page so here we have a Dimitri’s along with Alex the programmer of this software so they have been creating this software themselves you can see some video testimonials as well I’m not gonna go through a whole sales page of course you can just check it out yourself at your own pace in your own time and decide there so let’s have a look at the upgrades available I already mentioned the pricing so pricing is going to be 47 dollars during the launch period so that is from the 4th of February until the end of the week and then after that it’s going to go to 47 dollars per month so if you want to get in at the discount at launch price make sure you get in before this timer on my page runs out because that is when the launch period expires and when you can only get a cloud-based software for 47 dollars a month and you won’t be able to get that lifetime access to the Windows software anymore for a one-time price of forty seven dollars then upgrade number one is 37 dollars and vid’ this is an extra community-based traffic trial members basically so what you’re going to get you’re going to get traffic from other traffic Zion members so basically this is what I showed you in the software it’s this tribe feature so that’s actually an upgrade it’s not in the main software so the account so this one is in the main software where you just add text and you can see I just already gotta like I just added this to my website sorry this website to my traffic Scion account just like an hour before recording this review just to test how it works and see I already got a like in the affiliate marketing category for my website just now and this is just going to keep going and going and going and the more tags you add of course the more likely you’re going to get a lot of likes now this tribe feature that is the first upgrade so what that allows you to do as I showed you before you can select different articles on your website to be listed on wordpress.com and that those are going to be the the articles that are going to be liked and followed by those other members of traffic xylem as well so you basically get really focused traffic to different articles on your website and it’s also going to help with the SEO of those articles because when people like and follow those articles on wordpress.com that signals to Google that this is highly relevant content for those tags for that niche and that is going to help you with your SEO ranking of your website in addition to getting that traffic from wordpress.com now OTO number two for $67 is group coaching you’re going to two webinars per month for an entire year from Dimitri’s himself so this is gonna help you set up your website get the right traffic and you’re going to get access to flagship products as well as courses and training and to webinars per month through the Facebook group for questions and answers and guidance for one full year that’s only $67 then upgrade number three is one hundred ninety seven dollars per year and it’s done for you traffic so you’re going to get things set up for your domain you’re they’re going to add keywords based on your niche and under going to get they’re going to basically send you free traffic for an entire year they’re going to set you up with a cloud-based version of traffic Zion and all they do is set everything up for you so you don’t even have to do anything yourself and you’re going to get $197 one time for one year of free targeted traffic through the cloud-based version of traffic Zion so that is the third and final upgrade now as I said if you do purchase traffic Zion regardless of whether you grab any upgrades or not you’re going to get these five bonuses free of charge when you purchase your link below this video and if you do purchase any of the upgrades you’re also going to get my full affiliate marketing course affiliation in addition to that all you need to do to claim those bonuses send me your receipt from Clickbank to bonus at Liberty to travel calm and we’ll get back to you with your bonuses so thank you for watching my traffic Sion review I hope you liked this review make sure to give it a thumbs up on YouTube if you did thumbs down if you didn’t because feedback is very important for me also leave a comment below this video if you have any other questions about traffic Sion or anything else internet marketing related I always answer my youtube comments so that is a great place to reach out to me and make sure to subscribe to my channel by clicking on the red subscribe button and then the little Bell next to it so you get notified whenever I post new videos like product reviews internet marketing tips and tricks and travel vlogs thank you for watching and I’ll see you in the next one bye bye